Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a touch of pixie dust..

These are pretty much some of my all time favorite black and whites

vv completely random..but I love her crown...YAY

70 degree weather

You have no idea how hard it is to find original versions of Bob Dylan, Im telling you it is impossible. So this doesn't exactly fit in but it will have to do...
Recently anyone who has real fashion power has claimed "the style of the 70's is making a come back". Personally, I think that these people (by that I mean major fashion designers and big-time fashion editors) are losing there grip on control on the fashion industry. Now, I really think is the people, the "hipsters" that are now in control. Anywho kind of rambling of topic....What I was going to say is that if that means anything at all anymore...they're baaaack.
From all of the online stores i've checked out, they must be referring to a very smudged version of the seventies. The seventies I think of is the tight-bellbottom-disco-dancing-flipped-out-big-haired mid/late sventies. I'm talking "Stayin'Alive" - Bee Gees seventies. The seventies you see in all the seventies movies, pop music and of course the always reliable "That 70's Show", but WHAT EVER!  The 70's they are talking about is so early seventies it might aswell be 60's. Okay. That's enough with my pointless bitching....I'm a history freak. Do not judge me to harshly.
Long flowy dresses, great-big-floppy hats, silk scarves, crochet vests! (pretty much boho all over agian, only maybe less black-a la marykate and more light, white, and delicate florals.)
feathers , fringe and flowers
I have always been a sucker for nymph-like attire. If only I looked more gracefull....sigh...way to clumbsy
I cant wait. It is going to be s fun summer.
so I cant go another entire post with out more pisctures that would be evil/very boring of me. So excuse my lazyness/un creativity...

Hand Crochet Cream Flower Dress  Knitted Cream Slubby Swing Dress Black Lace Kimono Sleeve Dress Knitted Oatmeal Navaho Tassel Top
Knitted Cream All Over Hand Crochet Flower Kimono Knitted Cream Fringe Tabbard
Knitted Chain Waistcoat Grey Fringed Washed TeeFeather Trilby OLIVE Blue Leather Clog Sandals
 TopShop (not swedish summer collection)
HERON BLOUSE RSA0320S                                                   American Apparel

Sunday, January 9, 2011


So If you have been following this what-ever-it-is, you may have noticed that there has been a change. Well, more than one I hope. Along with a name change I want to change my blogging format a little and maybe that will help me to get on here more often.
This is going to sound completely corny but I am going to start using music for inspiration from now on. Recently, in my art class we did a abstract art project inspired by our favorite songs. I loved it so much! So I thought I would try to use this technique when it comes to this as well. Hopefully it works!
This song was a free single on itunes (I believe a couple years ago) and as of last year, on of my favorite songs. If you know me in real life (which I believe you do, if you did not happened to stumble upon this random blog), you will know that I always go on about my two different ideal type of song; Firstly, a dance party song, one that you can really let loose with (my family is known to have random dance parties in our bedrooms or living rooms). The second type of song that I really love is the long car ride type song. The kind of song that makes you feel like you could listen to this song on a long country road, with corn and wheat on both sides of the highway. In your cherry-red vintage mustang convertible. (Ignore the fact that the exact same image is shown in the music video, I had this opinion before this song even existed).The latter is my favorite type of song to listen to, they are usually happy songs, just not in your face I-AM-REALLY-HAPPY-RIGHT-NOW type song, just the type that you can subtly bob your head to. (When I listen to this music on the subway, it usually puts a cheesy smile on my face, usually freaking out the other passengers).
Through & Through & Through by Joel Plaskett is exactly that type of song for me. Hopefully, with this name as inspiration, I can give that same feel to this place.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alexa Chung

I have never really had a fashion icon...well I mean there's been fashion icons but for me I never completely just gravitated towards there style. For instance I love Audrey Hepburn, but I can't say I really aspire to have her sense of style..... these were my thoughts before I discovered Alexa Chung. She makes my heart melt...I have a major girl crush on her. Basically I love everything she wears and I can't get enough of it! She so awesome. If I got to have a celebrities wardrobe it would have to be hers... or maybe I could just hire her as my personal stylist.

Seriously!! I am so jealous of this girl and let me tell you I don't get jealous easily. I am gonna fan girl a little and just say ...she has everything I ever wanted in a wardrobe! She's classy and chic. She knows how to balance "fancy" and "casual" so well!! I am serious in m mind this is how I dress, but I have more than a feeling I am not quite there yet...
actually...I think I will just write a list of reasons why I love her so much...
  • She Is is Casual and Chic (at the same time! mind = blown!)
  • Knows how to make an outfit interesting but not overwhelming
  • She knows how to work the neutral look
  • Has the best Cardigans
  • Awesome shoes
  • Awesome tops
  • Awesome jewelry
  • aw just Awesome everything really
  • And she is British which Is basically everything that counts
Aw I am such a Fan Girl!! But I could not resist!


well as of late I have been kind of obsessed with native american things. Things is a little general, but I can't exactly find a better word for them. I mean things like beads, feathers, beads, dream catchers. For the most part i've just been mentally collecting them (ideas), but there are many projects and stuff i want/need to buy to satisfy my obssession.

It pretty much all started with this little beauty... (hey I would also just like to point out this is my first picture, I mean like of myself on this blog! yeah!) So this summer, as tradition, I went up to my best friend's cottage. While there, we went on several outtings (I mean like off the island) and on one of our food runs, we came upon a little shop near the Thompson Marina. The store sold mostly "corner store" stuff, like candy, they rented VHS and pies and soo on. Just as we were about to leave, I spotted a bunch of native jewlery. For about 5 minutes I was humming-and-hawwing trying to decide if I should get it or not. We left, but 10 minutes later i ran back in and bought it and it has been on my finger ever since. The End.

Anywho, ever since I got this ring, I've developed a love for all things native american inspired, from art to jewlery to clothing.

These paintings ^ were done by a famous canadian painter, Brian Marion. Brian also happens to be good friends with my dad and we have a good number of his paintings on our walls . I will probably try to add the pictures of them to this post (they are clearly not these ^).

Brian studied under another wel known canadian artist Norval Morrisseau (paintings below).

I kind of really, REALLY want  to silk screen a shirt with one of these images onto everthing. Shirts! Bags! Oh I love them so much.
What I love most about native ameican (and specifically the tribes that originated in Canada) is the intracit beading and designs that are put into the pieces. I think they are so pretty.

Yes, now I realise that moccassins have been in for a while now, especially because of the whole "boho" style phenomenon, but I never got around to getting a pair myself so they are still on my wish list. These specifically).

I have wanted these WE WHO SEE BOOTS for ever and ever. Right now they are being sold at urban outfitters *sigh* so far I havent seen to many people wearing them...but I am sure many more will be appearing just before I get them myself (altough I want brown ones, but I couldn't find a good picture).
Honestly, sometimes it is so so annoying living in Canada. I mean its great and all, free health care and everything, but theres one thing that really ticks me off. We get to just watch the states have all the fun! I mean they get all the awsome stores (I mean you (well mainly) TOPSHOP). ^ these are from one of those such stores that we Canadians can just dream of....sigh...
 By the way they are by Pendleton...

Love Drew Barrymore and love this look.

The following are from the blog "Style Hurricaine" which I am sure you have heard of I you have made it over to my random blog, if you can call it that.

Anni has made many more in more vibrant colours but I personnally like the more natural coloured ones best.
As I have told everybody in my house hold for ever my mission is to make one of these my self but of course, being me, I haven't got around to it yet. Another thing to put on my to do list.